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SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

If you have ever bought a new laptop or desktop computer then you probably heard the name of the SSD. It’s become popular nowadays and has become a major cause of computer speed. Hey, I’m Abdul Rehman If you do not know what SSD is and how it works then keep reading this post further because in this we will know about what it is? and what is the difference between SSD and HDD?

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What is a traditional hard disk drive (HDD)?

If you have a desktop PC, you will most likely have a traditional hard disk drive, in which the operating system is stored, along with the applications you install and their files and folders.

A traditional hard disk contains a circular disk, known as a plate, that stores your data. The disk rotates, allowing the read-write arm to read data on the disk (or write data on it) as it passes. SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

The faster the tray rotates, the faster the hard drive works, which can affect how quickly your operating system responds and the time it takes to load and open the applications installed on the disk.

Older hard drives use an IDE port to connect to a PC’s motherboard, but most modern hard drives use a SATA connection. The latest version of SATA, SATA III, is found on modern motherboards and allows the fastest possible data transfers for an HDD.

Drawbacks OF HDD

The drawbacks to HDDs are a result of the mechanical parts used to read and write data, as physically finding and retrieving data takes more time than electronically finding and retrieving data. The mechanical parts can skip or even fail if they are handled roughly or dropped. This is a concern in laptops, but not as much in desktops. HDDs are also heavier and use more energy than comparable SSDs. SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?


The benefits of a hard disk drive are that they are a proven technology, are frequently less expensive than a solid-state drive for the same amount of storage. Currently, HDDs are also available with more storage space than SSDs.

How hard drives work

Hard drives consist of one or more magnetically sensitive plates, an actuator arm with a read/write head for each plate, and a motor to rotate the plates and move the arms. There is also an I / O controller and firmware that tells the hardware what to do and communicates with the rest of the system.

Each dish is organized in concentric circles, called tracks. The tracks are divided into logical units called sectors. Each track and sector number results in a unique address that can be used to organize and locate data. Data is written in the nearest available area. There is an algorithm that processes the data before it is written, which allows the firmware to detect and correct errors.

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The plates rotate at preset speeds (4200 rpm at 7200 rpm for consumer computers), those speeds correlate with the read/write speeds. The higher the preset speed, the faster a hard drive can read and write data.

What is a Solid-State Drive (SSD)?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a newer storage technology, but it still exists for a while, and if you have a modern laptop, you are likely to use an SSD.

As the name implies, an SSD, unlike a traditional hard drive, has no moving parts. Instead, use NAND flash memory. The more NAND (Negative-Y) memory chips an SSD has, the more storage capacity it will have. Modern technology allows SSDs to have more NAND chips than ever, which means that SSDs may have similar capabilities to HDDs. SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

Many SSDs come with SATA III ports, which means they can be easily installed instead of an HDD, and many also come in the 2.5-inch format in which smaller hard drives also come. However, the maximum data throughput of SATA III is 600 MB / s, and while this is fine for hard drives, SDDs are capable of much faster speeds, which means that if you have an SSD with a connection SATA III, disk performance is limited by its SATA connection.

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How SSD Work?

SSDs have the same purpose as HDDs: they store data and files for long-term use. The difference is that SSDs use a type of memory called “flash memory“, which is similar to RAM, but unlike RAM, which erases your data every time the computer shuts down, the data in an SSD persists even When you lose energy.

If you disassemble a typical HDD, you will see a stack of magnetic plates with a reading needle, something like a vinyl record player. Before the needle can read or write data, the plates must rotate to the correct location.

On the other hand, SSDs use a network of electrical cells to send and receive data quickly. These grids are separated into sections called “pages”, and these pages are where the data is stored. Pages are grouped to form “blocks.”

Types of SSD


Such an SSD is similar to a laptop hard drive that supports the simple SATA connector exactly like the Hard Disk. This is the simplest form factor of SSD that you can recognize by looking at it. First of all, there were similar SSDs in the market and it still runs. This type of SSD can be used in any PC running nowadays.


mSATA i.e. micro SATA SSD Normal SATA SSD is different in both connectivity and form factor. It is quite different from normal SSD and it is quite different in appearance, it looks like a normal RAM stick in a way and its connectivity So it can not be used in every PC. It is very important to use your PC mSATA port to use it. Such SSDs are used in laptops. SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

M.2 SSD:

SSDs are similar to mSATA but it is an updated version of it which is fast from mSATA but despite being small, it supports both types of connectivity i.e. it connects you to the normal SATA cable. And mSATA is also like a PCI-E Express port from mSATA but it is used only in connecting a small and especially SSDs like this.


SSHD can not be called fully SSD because it is created by combining both Solid State Drive and Hard Disk. It has some memory SSD and some Hard Disk means that this is something between Hard Disk and SSD Used nowadays in laptops.

The Downside to Solid-State Drives:

Now that we know how a solid-state drive works, we can also understand one of its biggest drawbacks: flash memory can only keep a finite number of writes before it dies.

There is a lot of science that explains why this happens but suffice it to say that as an SSD is used, the electrical charges within each of your data cells must be reset periodically. Unfortunately, the electrical resistance of each cell increases slightly with each reset, which increases the voltage needed to write in that cell. Eventually, the required voltage becomes so high that the particular cell becomes impossible to write.

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Therefore, SSD data cells have a finite number of writes. However, that does not mean that an SSD does not last long. See our article on the average lifespan of HDD, SSD and flash drives for more information. Hopefully, now you understand better how solid-state drives work. SSD VS HDD: Which should I have On my PC?

Which should I have On my PC?

The difference between hard drives and solid-state drives is in the technology used to store and retrieve data. The table below illustrates some of the differences.

HDDs are cheaper and you can get more storage space. SSDs, however, are faster, lighter, more durable, and use less energy. Your needs will dictate which storage drive will work best for you.

COSTSPEED Durability Highest capacity Energy efficiency
HDD Cheaper Slower Less durable 10TB Use more energy
SDDExpensive Faster More durable 4TB Use less energy

Final Thought

If your budget is low then you use HDD if your budget is higher than you chose SDD, in my opinion, SDD is best for every new upcoming computer or laptop. If you learn something new then please share this post to your friends and don’t forget to bookmark our website.


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