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Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

If you have a small YouTube channel and you get worried about not making money and If you get millions of user you have a huge audience that you can actually be going to make pretty good money on YouTube of what do you do if you have a small channel or you’re just starting out in this video I’m going to be breaking down Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube.

My name is Shaharyar. Now and it’s specifically about by in a fixed strategies for building your income on youtube if you have this small audience and a small channel or you’re just starting out now you may have heard some of these strategies before but I believe that in this training you’re going to learn some and tips and maybe some case studies and some creative ideas that never thought of before so let’s night into the training right now to get the these tips.

YouTube Ads:

The problem is right now and this is mostly in the US so even in turn out rational this is typically a little bit lower is that you get usually 2$ per thousand video views and that’s called a CPM. 

If you have a goal to get five hundred dollars on youtube and you would need a quarter-million views and if you wanted to get five hundred dollars like a month you would need to at least get at least that many of you use a month now.

The key strategy if you want to figure out a get your income which you too bad says you it you need a lot of use and so that is actually why this is or least favorite way of making money and you took we have to share it could be doubtful could be a bonus what we want diving you just some better strategies.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is basically what a fully at marketing as you sign a friend a failure programs just like saying, amazon associates and then you can get a custom-like that she putting your YouTube description and how one business click on that you can make money it’s simple is that so if you recommend of beauty product or technology or a product or thing I many things if there is something that exists in the world there’s probably and a fully a program for it.

And here’s a power to him and this is for fully marketing general amazon actually just added a new one link feature so you can start monetizing multiple different countries through one link there are a few other services that do this as well and so this is a progression that’s really big enough elite marking right now you know because you have an international audience especially I’d YouTube and so look into one link if you’re already doing amazon and getting to expanding into basically smart links which helps you what it does is it decides what store or like people were coming from and then it just takes them to the create correct or internationally and it’s not just Amazon that’s doing this.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube


As far as a practical way of generating five hundred dollars a month and one is crowdfunding now you probably heard about this before it’s like patron on and a great example of somebody who’s a part of our chance training and private group is just encode with that Christian blogger and so he’s been building up his channel and we launched they pay tree on and he has over fifty-seven people supporting him now this isn’t it happen overnight and I think that that’s the key here to always be with value first he built up as authority hooked up trust he added tons of value people but that eventually he was able to pass even that five hundred dollar march as a base of just support so that again money could feel has my shirt which is based on as faith that really change you people’s lives and making a difference in the world and so had fun is a great way.

Merchant & Products:

So I asked in our posts recently I said what are some of the product you guys have you, one person, the journal on amazon just in had his own shirts that question blogger, right so he’s got his own t-shirts from the barbecue has some bar but you’re Arab so have you ever thought about creating merger.

It’s around your in this or your brands to my hand his oil paintings and he does custom oil paintings and watercolor paints people on his channel and people who connect with hi on YouTube so this could be t-shirts accessories. So products are created creative stuff music selling songs and iTunes or anywhere the coaching freelance services so many different ways to do march and to do different products and one cool site for this he emerged not amazon dotcom

So there’s if a lens t spring but this is a kind of a hot new you so I’ve got to do is uploader artwork works that your price they Prynne ship it and you get the royalties and so something simple like this to build your income.

Brand Deals:

Brand Deals is also named in 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube lint. This is like creating videos for companies have brands in exchange for the and you know one myth is that you have to have a huge audience for this stuff to happen but here’s a great exams from heather as she also is a new youtube are pretty brand new has happened doing youtube for a very long and she’s doing the homeschooling now a while ago because before she’s even where she was today these results of from a while ago and just eight.

She grew 2,500 hundred subscribers 85,000 thousand channel views and only fifteen videos so not bad but did catch this it’s not very big right still kind of relatively small a little bit monthly income with youtube affiliate but she got a grand deal with a home school curriculum come, somebody, that first they can the product that her family we’ve had to pay for anyways right.

Because they do that every year expensive curriculum so she with the thousand hundred dollars and free product plus thirty-six hundred dollars to a brand you reviewing that product and sharing with her audience as they go through a and then she also gets ten percent of feeling commissioned on top of having that out there simply being guys of doing a brand and the question is do big only be channels didn’t use and so the answers now right forms eighty-two percent of people are likely to follow a influencers recommendation with proves you don’t need to rely on a huge making influencers advocate for your brand. so there’s like a revolution right now of micro influence sensors which to defined that simply it means like you the two burns with small channels are similar instigators and here’s the power.

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