5 Things Wrong For SEO


5 Things Wrong For SEO Regardless of what you do with your days and nights, you have never used Google in your life.

Chances are, as we’re up and running in 2020, you’re using “free” Internet databases and information machines weekly, perhaps daily, and for good reason.

5 Things Wrong For SEO

Google is an information source that searches billions of searches every day and many thousands of searches per second. It is second to none.

When considering the eight calls below, this is mainly considered from the average Google search average user.

That said, there will certainly be an in-depth explanation of the basics, to show how important Google is on many important occasions.

1. Glitchy, Like All Computer Programs

Like any technological entity, Google, too, endures glitches, bugs, broken parts, and pint-sized disasters.

In early April 2019, Google had to fix a technical issue that caused pages to be deindexed.

Later that same month, a Google issue caused the search engine to select unrelated canonical URLs that were sometimes reflected in the breadcrumb trails on mobile. In rare cases, this may have prevented proper indexing of content by Google.

2. Never 100% accurate

No search engine is perfect.

But they have all been influential at one point or another with the results they produce, and Google is certainly no exception to this.

When you do not need a specific name or title of an entity to get the answer you are looking for, Google responds to dots by asking people to respond with a limited amount of information for a variety of information. Can connect more often. Search Things Wrong For SEO

Other, more granular searches that are guided by specific details, such as a person’s name, may be a short, simple answer that usually becomes a special snippet.

These responses are a work in progress, namely, the creation of databases associated with entities referenced in those responses.

Most of the time, the featured snippet responses are correct, or at least mostly correct.

8 Things That Are Wrong with Google Search Today

Another example involves actor James Earl Jones and an honorary Oscar he received.

A simple search mentioning the two main entities in the query (Earl Jones and the Oscars) brings back plenty of quality results.

But it also says James Earl Jones is dead after a one-year battle with ovarian cancer (an excerpt from his Wikipedia page that is actually citing the death of Jones’ wife, Cecilia Hart).

8 Things That Are Wrong with Google Search Today

This is clearly another mistake tied to the criteria used by Google for choosing the extracted data as answers, or part of the answers, to certain questions.

It can and will be fixed eventually, and even though it’s a small piece of misinformation related to the entity in question, the inaccuracy highlights another flaw of Google.

3. What Google wants (and is not always ideal or precise)

We know that Google likes to try new features and ideas, and they don’t always (or rarely) stick.

This can be both confusing and frustrating.

Due to changes in marketing focus and overall brand strategy, Google claims that living here is dangerous and irresponsible. (See: Google+ and authentication dialing).

Google has a plan and few, if any, contributions from outside the company in decisions or directions, some projects, applications and ideas in progress, no matter how big or small.

There is a long list of flaws, or at least incurable, in products and services that Google once offered and no longer offers.

Google’s behavior is to turn the tide, sometimes quite a bit, only to turn back or go in a completely different direction..

Google is never one of those two things.

4. Privacy?

It may have been a bit of a secret 10 years ago, but it’s not anymore.

Google acquires and uses the personal data of its users regularly, and even leverages that data for its own profitable gain.

It sounds so dirty when we say it like that. And it pretty much is.

Google tracks us and every search we make.

Search history has gotten murderers convicted and it’s also generated hundreds of billions of dollars in advertising profits ($135 billion in 2019, to be exact).

That’s a lot of power for one entity to have. It’s easily the most controversial aspect to the business model of the fourth-richest company in the world (Google’s parent company Alphabet).

And with the growth of in-home Google Assistant products like Google Home and Nest, the “invasion of privacy” is only increasing.

And Google uses that data to sell advertising.

5. Always test / change

Whether you are an everyday user, an occasional user, or a search vendor in the trenches, chances are you know that Google is not standing still.

The world’s leading search engine makes hundreds of changes per year to its platform through thousands of updates that included more than 3,200 updates in 2018, a number that has grown each year for decades. Things Wrong For SEO

It has confused users, offended SEO professionals, and has finally changed the way that almost all humans on earth interact with the World Wide Web.

Therefore, changes made by Google in one year are unlikely to be the only reason for any or all of them.

Abdul Rehman
Founder of The Computer City | Cyber Security Expert | Working as a Freelancer ([email protected])
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