The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking
The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking

In today’s computer world, all computer programmers, even beginner users, want to become hackers. And why don’t they want to become hackers, hacking is the skills that make you free in the world of computing. It means you can do anything, from good to bad, after becoming a hacker.

What is Hacker?

A hacker is a person who uses the computer, networks or other skills to overcome a technical problem. Any person who knows the dept knowledge of the computer is a hacker. Basically, a hacker knows how to gain access to any computer.

Types of Hackers

Hackers are classified according to the intention of their actions. The following list classifies hackers according to their intention.

Ethical Hacker (White hat): 

A hacker who gains access to systems with a view to fixing the identified weaknesses. They may also perform Penetration Testing and vulnerability assessments.

Black Hat Hackers

Taking the credit for the negative personality around “piracy”, these guys are to blame. A black hat hacker is the type of hacker you should worry about. Have you heard a story about a new cybercrime today? One of the black hat hackers may be behind him. The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking.

Cracker (Black hat): A hacker who obtains unauthorized access to computer systems for personal gain. The intention is generally to steal corporate data, violate privacy rights, transfer funds from bank accounts, etc.

Green Hat Hackers

These hackers are fans in the online world of piracy. Consider the children’s scripts but with a difference. These newbies have the desire to become hackers and are very curious to learn. You can find them absorbed in hacker communities by bombarding their fellow hackers with questions.

Blue Hat Hackers

These are another form of rookie hackers, very similar to kiddies script, whose main agenda is to take revenge on anyone who angers them. They don’t feel like learning and can use simple cyberattacks like flooding their IP with overloaded packets that will result in DoS attacks.

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The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking

Hey, my name is Abdul Rehman and I am Ethical Hacker by profession. In today’s post, I will tell you the most powerful tool in hacking in 2019. As a hacker, it’s difficult to say which tool is most powerful because every tool is important is hacking.

According to my personal experience, the most powerful tool in hacking is Metasploit. If you don’t hear this name before don’t worry I will explain to you. The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking.


What IS Metasploit?

Metasploit is a penetration test framework that makes simplifies hacking. It is an essential tool for many attackers and defenders. Aim Metasploit at your target, choose an exploit, what payload to drop and press Enter.

The best of Metasploit is they have provides you a lot of Payloads to test.

History of Metasploit

HD Moore began working at Metasploit in the early stages and launched 1.0, written in Perl, in 2003. The project has grown dramatically since then, since the original 11 exploits, the project reached more than 1,500 now, plus around 500 payloads, with a change to Ruby under the hood on the road.

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Security outfit Rapid7 acquired both Metasploit and Moore in 2009. (Moore left the project in 2016.) Metasploit has since become the de facto framework for exploit development, despite competition from Canvas and Core Impact. Today it is common for zero-day reports to include a Metasploit module as proof of concept.

How to use Metasploit

First, you need to download Metasploit in windows or any other operating system. After installing the Framework, you must verify that everything works correctly. The easiest way to do this is to run the msfconsole if you are using ubuntu then open terminal.

If install Metasploit in Windows then start the msfgui interface and access the Console link from the Window menu. The console should display an ASCII artistic logo, print the current version, some module counts and drop in the “MSF” message.

From this indicator, type help to obtain a list of valid commands. You are currently in the “main” mode; This allows you to enumerate exploits, enumerate payloads and configure global options.

To list all available exploits, type show exploits. For more information about a given exploit, type the name of the information module.

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The console interface was designed to be flexible and fast. If you enter a command that is not recognized by the console, it will scan the system path to determine if it is a system command. The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking.

If it finds a match, that command will be executed with the arguments provided. This allows you to use your standard set of tools without having to leave the console. The console interface supports the completion of known command tabs.

The MSF web interface includes the finalization of tabs by default, but the msfconsole interface requires that Ruby be created with the Readline library. For more information on finalizing tabs, see the appendix

The GUI Interface

MSF GUI interface was introduced in version 3.1 and provides the functionality of msfconsole in addition to many new features. To access a msfconsole shell, select the Console option from the Window menu. To search for a module within the module tree, enter a regular string or expression in the search box and click the Search button.

All matching modules will appear in the tree below. To run a module, double-click on its name in the tree or right-click on its name and select the Run option. To view the source code of any module, right-click on its name and select the option View code.

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To run a module, double-click on its name in the tree or right-click on its name and select the Run option. To view the source code of any module, right-click on its name and select the option View code. The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking.

Once a module is selected, an interface based on a wizard will guide you through the process of configuring and starting the module. In the case of operating modules, the module’s output will appear in the main window under the Module’s output tab.

Any session created by the module will appear in the Sessions view in the main window. To access a session, double-click the name of the session in the view or open a console and use the sessions command to interact with the shell. Metepreter sessions will generate a shell when double-clicked, but they will also offer a process and a file explorer through the right-click context menu.

How To Use Command-Line Interface?

If you are looking for a way to automate operational tests, or simply do not want to use an interactive interface, then MSF may be the solution. This interface takes a module name as the first parameter, followed by the options in a VAR = VAL format, and finally an action code to specify what should be done. The module name is used to determine which exploit or auxiliary module you want to start.

$ msfconsole

             .' #######   ;."
  .---,.    ;@             @@`;   .---,..
." @@@@@'.,'@@            @@@@@',.'@@@@ ".
'[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@          @@@@@@@@@@@@@ @;
   `[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@        @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ .'
     "--'[email protected]@@  [email protected]        @ ,'-   .'--"
          "[email protected]' ; @       @ `.  ;'
            |@@@@ @@@     @    .
             ' @@@ @@   @@    ,
              `[email protected]@@@    @@   .
                ',@@     @   ;           _____________
                 (   3 C    )     /|___ / Metasploit! \
                 ;@'. __*__,."    \|--- \_____________/

       =[ metasploit v5.0.27-dev-                         ]
+ -- --=[ 1895 exploits - 1067 auxiliary - 329 post       ]
+ -- --=[ 547 payloads - 44 encoders - 10 nops            ]
+ -- --=[ 2 evasion                                       ]

msf5 > 

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The action code is a single letter; S for a summary, O for options, A for advanced options, I for IDS evasions, P for payloads, T for targets, AC for auxiliary actions, C to test a vulnerability check and E to exploit. The saved data store will be loaded and used at startup, allowing you to configure convenient default options in the global or specific data store of the msfconsole module, save them and take advantage of them in the MSF CLI interface.

The Web Interface

The MSF web interface is based on Ruby on Rails. To access this interface, run the MSF web to start the server. The MSF web interface uses the WEBrick web server to handle requests. The Most Powerful Tool In Hacking.

By default, the MSF web will listen at the loopback address ( on port 55555. A log message should be displayed indicating that the service has started. To access the interface, open your browser at the appropriate URL ( by default).

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The main interface of the MSF web consists of a toolbar that contains several icons and a background with the Metasploit logo. If you want to access a console, click on the Console link.

This console interface is almost identical to the standard msfconsole interface. The Exploits, Auxiliary and Payloads links will guide you through the process of selecting a module, configuring it and executing it.

Once an exploit is run and a session is created, you can access these sessions from the Sessions link. These icons will open a subwindow inside the page. These windows can be moved, minimised, maximized and closed.


The Metasploit is Most Powerful Tool In Hacking if you want to hack anyone in the world it provides you various types of Payload like windows, iPhone, Android, website, Linux. If you like this post make sure you share this post to your friends and don’t forget to bookmark our website all you need to do is just press CTRL+D on your keyboard and see the magic