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How to buy a Website domain name?


How to register a domain name?

Do you want to buy a website or creating a blog? Then your website needs a catchy or unforgettable name which is also called domain name. And to get one, you need to know how to buy a website domain name.

I would say, you are lucky because now in this time to buy domain online is not an issue more, the procedure of registration is quite simple and accessible for everyone. This is the very first step for moving forward to Writing or publishing something.

Hi, I’m Shaharyar. Here, you will learn the tips before buying any domain/name. And we’ll also explain the tools and websites where you should buy or register and check that name availability, which I will explain further how to choose the domain name.

I bet you after this course no one will remain to ask anybody that How to buy a Website domain name?

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Here are the steps:

Simple steps to buy a domain name for the website:

  1. Choose the authentic domain website/registrar(like Godaddy.com, Domain.com, Namecheap.com, Bluehost.com)
  2. Find the availability checker tool.
  3. Check the availability by searching the chosen name.
  4. Now pick the best option/plane.
  5. Finalize your payment options and make a clearance.
  6. Now verify the ownership of your domain.

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Best tips before buying domain names:

Pre-buying Research:

When you are going to buy a domain name, make sure you had enough research (like what type of topic is going to write on that site). It is very important to find your niche. Because with this you will know and your audience will also know each other. Because your domain name tells your reader that which type of content he will found in your site.

Think famous/remarkable/rememberable/Catchy name:

Think and make some options for different names of your domain and be sure to have small (like two wordy) name because it is easy to remember or rankable on google. And don’t go for the long or abused words which may heart your rank and your work.

Try to go for .com or .net:

Well, these are the extensions. They help a lot in your ranking. I would suggest going for .com if possible. Because of its more famous and commercial base extension. But it has some negatives like it has a lot of competition. Or you can also go for .net because right knows this extension is also getting hype and becoming famous and expensive than some name in .com.

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Avoid Numbers, Dashes, and hyphens:

Don’t buy this kind of domain name which has numbers, hyphens, dashes, slashes. Because these things are not rememberable for common people and most people search for simple letters. For example, if someone has a domain name (like famous-restaurants49). So people will not remember the hyphen or numbers. Maybe they will go to famous restaurants.

Check your domain at different platforms:

Before buying a domain for your website. Check your domain at social media because this will help you out to find the famous or tongue used words. And you can also go to “google keyword planner”. This can help you to check your name CPC, CPM and volume of searches.

Check for trademark infringement:

When you find the best domain registrar, now you have to make sure to check for trademark infringement.

Analyze your idea:

When you price your domain. And you should also have to know that buying a website is not too much easy because you should also buy a domain hosting. And before making any decision or taking a risk, I’ll suggest discussing your idea with your friends or your family members.

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Best place to buy a domain name:

There are few sites available on the internet which isn’t fake or true. But more are fake or change their plane policies after any customer buys stuff from there. These best domain buying websites are below:



Godaddy is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, its headquarter is in Scottsdale, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware. It has approximately 18.5 million customers and over 9,000 employees worldwide as the report of March 2019.

Godaddy is one of the oldest and cheaper platforms to buy a domain and hosting for the website. Before few years Godaddy was not famous because they didn’t advertise themselves on the internet much but now every developer and company or any website or newcomer knows them.

A big reason is that they advertise themselves too much. Advertisement is the key to share your content or services on the internet fastly.

As I was talking about the Godaddy services. The services of this company are like flowing water through canals into the river. They are cheaper and honest with their plans.

Talking about their plans, they have four plans but the deluxe plan is good then lower but the premium has 4 stars. If you have enough money for this then you should buy a premium because it has 2 free domain names whichever you want to buy from Godaddy is free.

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Domain.com helped make customers successful since 2000, and they are now one of the world’s top players in domain registration and web hosting. They strive to provide innovative products and services at a high value.

Their mission has been and still is to provide that rarest combination — the highest quality products, reliability, and some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

But we cannot say that they are perfect because they have some issues too because I have read some of the reviews about them. Some are very disgusting which I cannot share with you.

This company has some good services but they are a little expensive. If you enough money then I would recommend this site for your domain name.

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Namecheap is a domain and web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company claims to manage over 10 million domains. It is the 2ndor 3rd largest domain registration company.

Namecheap is famous for their domain selling because most of famous companies buy their hosting and domain from Namecheap is past but now there is the number of good and competitors available in the market.

 Namecheap has a good and amazing name. Which attract customers. This company has low costs domain available and they also provide hosting. Their planes are quite cheaper.

They also provide you the option to buy domains in bulk. If you buy domains in bulk(more then one) then the company will give you a discount.

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How to buy a domain?

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain, and iPage.

As its name, Bluehost especially good for hosting but they also sell domains. And this company has special trust from their customers. Because they have good hosting as well as domain plans. Bluehost has very cheap and good plans and have very good quality. I would recommend you to buy a domain and hosting for your website from this site.

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There is a lot of domain buying or selling website are available on the internet. But we provide you the best site through different people or different site reviews and their researches on this topic.

If you are not willing to buy your domain or hosting from our recommended sites. So you can visit or check these sites “Name.com, Hostgator, Hover”. I hope now no one will say How to buy a Website domain name.

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