Best Dating Apps In India 2019
Best Dating Apps In India 2019

The trend of dating applications has increased tremendously in today’s time. The best advantage of these apps is that through this you get a perfect match at home by just swiping up.

This app has been in great quantity and there is difficulty in recognizing which one is much better. Today, we are going to help you in this work, because today we will tell you about the best 5 dating apps where you will definitely get your influence on the match.

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Hey, my name is Abdul Rehman In this post we will talk about a lot of dating apps and tell which will be closest to you. Because as much as your dating apps will be the more chances that you get your influence on the match and get it soon.

Best Dating Apps In India 2019:

We are going to share a list with you in this post, in which we will tell you about the 5 best dating apps, so let’s move forward.

Android | iOS

Happn App.

This app is much more prevalent in the present time. The working of this app is great, whenever you walk or cross somebody in someplace, its Happn profile comes to our Happn App.

Through this, you can also talk to those people that you never knew and now you want to know them closely. Happn is a great app because it has more than one million people who are using this app so that you will be able to find the perfect match for yourself.

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And the best part of this app is the profile of the front person shows you the same way your profile also appears in front of the person on the timeline and you can also like it.

In such a situation, both of you get crushing and there is more ease in talking. You can also talk directly through this app. This app has a rating of 4.3 on Google Play Store so you can find out how great it is. Best Dating Apps In India 2019

Android | iOS


This app is currently in great detail in the case of Dating, due to its excellent interface and it has more than one million people are using this app. On this app, you can also see the people around you by using GPS.

In this app, you can also sign up through your Facebook account, etc. I have noticed that you will get more information in OkCupid than the information you get in front of any other app.

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You can also see lots of options through swiping and in such a way you can find a perfect match for yourself. Through this app, you can also send a message to the person who is in front of you. If he likes you then he will definitely answer your message.

Android | iOS


With the fast-growing user base, Tinder is the most popular dating app in India. This tells you to signup using your Facebook account and brings the original profile with your interest. Then it uses the same data to show you the profile with equal interest. If you do not want to connect your Facebook account, you can enter your phone number and then create a new account from scratch. You have the option of swiping right if you like someone or swipe left if you do not like it. If two people like each other on tinder, then it becomes a match and you get the option to chat in person.

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Tinder is purely depending on the look and profile details are secondary. This is because you will swipe left or right on seeing photos.

Android | iOS

The League.

This App is also a tremendous Dating App. This is an Elite Dating App which gives you access to lots of things. In this application, you will get all the features associated with Dating like other applications, but there are some features like social media besides them.

This app’s user interface is also good enough, due to which you will also enjoy great use of it. I have noticed this application that it is quite fast. If you want a serious date, try this one once.

In this app, you can also sign up through the LinkedIn account. If you see a review of this app, on Google Play Store, then it is quite good and its rating is also great and can give you an idea of ​​its magnificence.

Android | iOS


Woo is a dating app that focuses only on well-educated professionals. It provides voice intro, tag search, question and answer, and direct messaging feature. This app also offers the option of voice calls. Therefore, girls can make voice calls without sharing numbers. It never shares the names, numbers or places of women. It uses the same way as swiping a profile left or right switches to it. If both of you prefer each other’s profile, then this is a match. After a match, two can talk. There is a limit to the profiles per day that you can check but subscribing to the Wu Plus gives you access to the skipped profile and also who knows who visited your profile. Membership also unlocks the Woo globe.

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