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10 Best Chrome Security Extensions You Need To Install Right Now

10 Best google chrome security Extensions You need to install Right now

10 Best chrome security Extensions You need to install Right now

Chrome is the most commonly used web browser worldwide. The design is simple, clean, and responsive and provides a safe browsing experience.

Google’s browser also benefits from many useful extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. We have chosen the best one. Just keep in mind that extensions can slow your browser, so be sure to comply with what you think will be most useful.

10 Best google chrome security Extensions You need to install Right now

Hey, there my name is Abdul Rehman and in today’s post, I will share with you 10 best chrome security extensions you need to install right now.

These extensions create an additional layer of security protection, there are many security extensions for Google Chrome available in the Chrome web store. After doing a lot of research I found these 10 Extensions for you.

#1: Ad-block Plus – Block Intrusive Ads

Get a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience with Ad-block Plus. An extension that blocks ads, crawlers, malware and much more.

Ad-block Plus prevents companies from following their online activity. In addition, this comes with a list of preset filters to quickly block ads.

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The only negative about the Ad-block Plus Chrome security extension is that, even if you consider a non-intrusive ad, Ad-block Plus will not block them.

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This extension is excellent for protecting users against fake phishing sites, which helps prevent counterfeiting.

A great extension to install in browsers used by people who indiscriminately click on the links in emails.

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#3 Blur – Protect Your Personal Information’s

The best Google Chrome extension from Blur creates secure encrypted passwords with a single click, saves, encrypts and organizes your password. In addition, it prevents hundreds of companies from collecting data about their online activities.

It prevents Facebook and other social networking sites from tracking you even when you are not logged in. This best Chrome extension is the best in its class and knows how to protect account information.

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#4: Signal Private Messenger

Open Whisper System’s Signal Private Messenger has long been a favorite of privacy advocates who are looking for a secure and encrypted instant messaging-style chat application, and now.

The signal is available for Chrome users. The Signal Private Messenger plug-in allows you to connect using your existing phone number and address book, without logins, usernames or separate PINs.

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It also allows you to send group messages, text and images with the guarantee of free end-to-end encryption.

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#5: HTTPS Everywhere

An encrypted connection (HTTPS) ensures that no one can monitor your activity or steal data. Unfortunately, not all websites support HTTPS connection, and this is where HTTPS Everywhere comes in.

It is a Chrome extension that will attempt to connect to an HTTPS version of websites if possible.

This allows you to get an HTTPS connection on thousands of websites that, by default, connect you to an insecure HTTP connection. Simply install the extension and you will start doing your job.

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#6: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

One of my favorite extensions is DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials offers you a variety of privacy features. You can prevent third-party ad crawlers from following you and force HTTPS connections when they are available.

Instead of searching with Google, you can search with DuckDuckGo, which according to the company will not track your information. It will even give you privacy ratings for each site you visit.

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#7: Click & Clean

Click & Clean is actually a cleaning tool that does a great job of removing all traces of your online activity with just one click.

If you need to immediately delete all stored data about your online activity, simply click on the extension button and it will erase all Internet history, cookies, cache, saved URLs, temporary files, web SQL databases, flash cookies and plus.

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It also has a built-in anti-malware (developed by Bit Defender) that will check your PC for any malware. By adding the cherry to the cake, the extension is highly customizable and you can configure it to delete only a specific type of data.

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#8: Perspective Guard

These days, social networks embark on a series of negative campaigns that can manipulate your mentality and exclude you from thinking correctly or making the right decision.

So, whether it’s a government-assisted campaign, a hate message for divisive politics or fake viral news, you need a methodology to reduce this negative content in your browsers.

Perspective Guard
10 Best Chrome Security Extensions You Need To Install Right Now

The perspective protector is the right solution to do it and is available as a Chrome extension for an easy add-on. This is an extension based on artificial intelligence that can identify and monitor real, false or neutral news.

The good thing about Perspective Guard is that this security extension takes care of your privacy since it does not store any information on its servers.

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My favorite password manager, not only because it is secure and has all the features, but also because you can use it on all your devices without the need for a premium account.

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#10: Panic Button

Panic Button helps you close everything you are doing at the press of a button when a panic situation occurs. If you are working on something sensitive and suddenly you need to finish everything, simply click on the panic button extension button or press the assigned key.

All tabs will be closed and stored in the bookmarks folder. And when the coast is clear, click again on the extension of the panic button to restore all the tabs. It is the perfect tool to protect your activity from uninvited guests.

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Final Thought

The above extensions should be sufficient to browse the web safely and keep your information protected. Personally I keep most of these extensions active in my browser to provide me with the best security.

If you know of other interesting Chrome security extensions, or if you find any of these that are worth installing, share with us in the comments below.


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