10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019
10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019

Google Adsense has been the number one choice for bloggers who want to make money with their blogs for many years. Now the question is there is an alternative way to make money online the answer is Yes there are many reasons to look for Google Adsense alternatives. Maybe you already have an Adsense account; You are looking for alternatives because you would like to keep your website revenue diversified, or because you would like to add some additional revenue streams. Maybe you’re looking for ways to earn more money from your ad space than you could earn with Adsense. In our experience, this is not only possible, but it is also likely with some of the alternatives we suggest

There are a number of options to make money online without using AdSense here I will show you 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019. You can choose any of them according to your domain

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019:


Media.net is the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types.

Media.net is a contextual ad network by Yahoo! and Bing, and it offers high-paying ads. Moreover, the ad types involved are similar to AdSense, the minimum payout of media.net is $100. And the payment method is PayPal


  • It is free to join and you will never pay anything
  • It offers a powerful dashboard.
  • The Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM) is currently the best in the industry
  • The ads network offers intuitive advert designs that will blend with the layout of your blog and result in high CTR.
  • You can change the style of ads to match the design of your website or blog if a need arises.
  • It allows you to fix ads or to use sticky sidebars.
  • You can also allow ads on the sticky or fixed sidebars.
  • The customer support is one of the best.
  • After they have approved your website or blog, you will get a customer representative dedicated to your account.
  • They will help you optimize your website or blog for their ads and maximize your earnings.


  • The ads require double clicks from your website visitors. In other words, your site visitors have to click on advert twice for you to earn.
  • They do not update the revenue in real-time.
  • You will have to wait for one day to see the day’s earnings.
  • Requires website traffic from three countries only – UK, US and Canada.
  • If your website has been getting traffic from other countries, you will not earn it.

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Adsterra is a slick advertising network with innovative ad formats and a growing number of large brands using the platform. I feel this is the 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019. It’s the most fastest-growing ad network and a well-respected brand in the online advertising space. 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019


  • 100% fill rate
  • Allows traffic from adult sites
  • Reliable support available through skype
  • Reliably high CPM rates for desktop and mobile traffic
  • Offer back URLs for unsold traffic by request


  • Stats from some Asian Countries will have some discrepancies and may not always be accurate
  • The minimum payout is high when compared to other ad networks
  • Low CPM rates for tier-2 and tier-3 countries

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest online store in the world, so you should be doing something good. Well, if you have a website that talks about any product that you can find on Amazon, then Amazon associates could work for you. Amazon allows you to place dynamic ads on your blog so you can promote them, and while this is not a pay-per-click or CPM program, it will pay you a small commission for everything you sell on your links. So let’s say you have a blog about Apple products and you put an ad to buy an iPod or just a cable. Therefore, if you sell a $ 10 cable, you may receive a few cents, but sell a $ 1500 laptop and receive $ 100.


  • Credibility and Reputation
  • Massive Size
  • Revenue Expansion
  • Sales Support


  • Modest Commission Rates
  • Referral Time Limits

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Evadav is a new advertising network focused on native ads. They provide a variety of ad formats that include native, video sliders, mobile interstitials, banners, push notifications and more. All creatives are approved to be brand-safe and have competitive CPMs that work for both desktop devices and mobile devices. You can customize and select your ad units according to the design of your website and you will be happy to know that they provide weekly payments, which is very convenient for publishers. 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Ads in 2019


  • Offers The Hybrid Accounts:
  • Ads Related To Interests:
  • Easy Registration & Approval:
  • 110% system Uptime:
  • 10GB Push- Notification Ads Monthly
  • Accepts only verified advertisers
  • It has a wide section of landing pages for any kind of traffic
  • Integration with plenty of trackers, such as Binom, Keitaro, BeMob, PeerClick
  • Personal account manager available 24/7
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Referral program 5%


  • New in the market


Infolinks is one of the largest monetization networks in the world today, helping more than 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries earn money from their unused ad space. Their FREE to use native ads work perfectly with all ad solutions and do not interfere with the user’s experience! From effective contextual and video ads to engaging display banners – Infolinks’ highly customizable products will guarantee you make the most out of your traffic.


  • Infolinks Ads easily get approved in less than 48hrs after application
  • Infolinks ads are easy to customize and easy to setup.
  • You can use Infolinks Ads on multiple websites after first approval.
  • They don’t only pay click, they also pay forever 1000 views on your Ads.
  • Your website loading speed isn’t affected with Infolinks ads
  • You can request payout every 45days after reaching their payment threshold $50 and you get paid via PayPal


  • Payment is extremely low for Asian countries e.g India
  • Ads display isn’t as fancy as AdSense ads

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a WordPress plugin that allows you to monetize your website by managing your own ads. It’s easy to use, although the setup process is lengthy. Once it’s set up, the plugin automates many aspects involved in the process of selling ads on your site. However, you will still have to recruit advertisers.

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Skimlinks is a platform offering publishers some different options for monetizing e-commerce focused content, all of which are performance-based using the affiliate marketing business model. A few of these options are “Skimlinks”, “Skimwords Lite” and “Skimwords Full Version.” These tools give you the option to either convert existing product links into affiliate links or to automatically insert affiliate links into existing content.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on a monthly basis, but it can take each individual commission up to 90 days to clear.
  • The payment threshold is $10 / €8 / £7.
  • Publishers in the USA or UK can choose to be paid by check, direct deposit or PayPal.


PopAds is a performance network specialized in Pop Unders. They have good prices and can monetize all countries. Something great about PopAds is that they can pay daily as long as you earn $ 5 or more per day. Their quality is good, and they also have pop-up windows, tabs/tabs and other monetization methods. Your approvals are simple and the configuration of your ads takes only a few minutes.


  • It is a popular ad network with a high Alexa ranking.
  • No such minimum traffic is requirements.
  • It accepts worldwide traffic anywhere.
  • Gives you $5 minimum payout.
  • High CPM rate and around $6 for US visitors. Average rate – $1.50.
  • Accepts every website – even blogs & subdomains.
  • Adult traffic also accepted here.
  • Good CPM rates are given by them


  • Pop Up/Under ads generally irritate the visitors.
  • Ads are not relevant to the subject related to your site.
  • Some countries are not accepted.



Blogher is a CPM ad network. Their specialty is monetizing blogs targeted at a female audience. In addition to advertising, they also offer publishers additional opportunities such as sponsored posts and paid product reviews.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers 45 days after a month ends.
  • The payment threshold is $20.
  • The payment is by PayPal.


Bidvertiser is a cost per click ad network that also offers conversion incentives to publishers. Bidvertiser offers a referral program that pays for referrals of both advertisers and publishers.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers 30 days after a month ends.
  • Payment is by PayPal or check.
  • The payment threshold is $10 for PayPal and $100 for checks.

PropellerAds Media

Propeller Ads is one of the largest pop-under networks available. They started working in 2011 and quickly became one of the largest networks with excellent CPM. They specialize in monetizing websites for the following niches: entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finance, software, gambling and more. If you have a website in those niches, you could make more money with Propeller than with Adsense. They also have banners, but pop-unders work better overall. In addition, if you have mobile traffic, they are an excellent Adsense alternative, as they work closely with the ad networks that monetize mobile applications and services, leading to a great return on investment and excellent CPM.

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  • It’s super easy to get started
  • Propeller Ads share 80% of their ad revenue with publishers.
  • The reporting of Propeller Ads is pretty simple. It shows your earnings in a tabular way or on a chart. And the best thing? It’s real-time!
  • Propeller Ads accepts all websites irrespective of their traffic as long as it doesn’t violate their terms and conditions.
  • It generates the maximum CPM for entertainment websites (including downloads, music, movies, viral blogs, etc.).
  • You can run Propeller Ads along with ads from other advertising or affiliate networks — like AdSense, Infolinks, CJ, etc.
  • You can even monetize your 404 pages with a full-screen ad. No more wasted traffic!


  • Poor user experience. Your visitors may find full-screen ads, pop-under ads, push ads, etc. as annoying
  • If your traffic quality is low (it means you get traffic from U.S., U.K., and Europe) then Propeller Ads may not be the right choice unless you want to try pop-under ads, full-page ads, etc.

What can I learn from this?

Life can be rude sometimes. Your Google Adsense account could have been banned because you didn’t catch a rule from the TOS, or maybe it was a mistake, however, you can’t always rely only on 1 solution. The secret word here is to “diversify“. Try to have as many income streams as you can by adding and testing different ad services, and you’ll find your way to the top. Those Google Adsense alternatives will help you develop as an Internet Marketeer even more.